Saturday, August 18, 2012

SS Canberra launches

SS Canberra

Finally, after a quite a battle, SS Canberra has sailed off to her new owner.

You can read of my troubles with this aged Airfix kit elsewhere on this blog but the end result isn't bad. Mounting the model on a plinth certainly makes it look more impressive than just an assembled plastic model. It also made packing her up for postage a lot easier.

I can't see why the same trick wouldn't work for any other boat either. All you need is a bit of wood and some brass bits. Presentation is everything it appears.

Canberra LifebeltAt the same time as I was fighting the model, it's prototype caught up with me. Not the entire ship of course, that's long since been scrapped unfortunately, but a fitting.

On the back door of our model boat club is hanging a genuine Canberra lifebelt. Donated by one of the members, it was a real surprise to see it hanging there and a little bit spooky.

Has anyone else been haunted by the full-size version of something they are building as a model ?

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