Friday, August 31, 2012

Kits from the past - CCW

CCW coach kits

If you think that a modern kit-built vehicle is beyond you, have a look at these CCW kits spotted in the HMRS display.

Dating from the 1950's this was an era when modellers were modellers. None of this taking the bits out of the box and sticking them together. First you had to shape the parts to form a tumble home. Even then you were glad that the windows had been cut out on a fly press for you.

Once sanded, assembly was using boiled horse glue or something involving dead fish. You didn't care because first of all you'd sanding-sealed the wood to stop the grain showing through. Using sanding sealer (dope containing talcum powder) seals the wood and raises the grain. You then sand this back, being careful not to ruin the shape so carefully worked out earlier. Do this is a room without ventilation and you'll be very happy for a while and have a splitting headache the next morning !

In skilled hands, these models could make up beautifully. For the average person though, even in the days when boys learned woodwork skills at school, they were OK but no more than that. Compared to a tinplate Hornby coach...


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