Sunday, August 19, 2012

Steampunk steam engine

I want a kit for this engine and I want it NOW !!

Seriously though, what a cracking image. Sadly, I can't find our where it came from originally but I did find a story that uses it for illustration. You can read it here.

If you are just wondering, "What the hell is STEAMPUNK ?" then you can find your answer here.

Update: Thanks to Jerm for the info that this was the cover to the computer game Transarctica and painted by Rodney Matthews. The title of the original work is Heavy Metal Hero


Paul Barrett said...

Looks like one of Roger Dean's fantasy paintings - he did a lot of album covers for prog. rock bands like Yes.

Scott said...

Funny you should mention that but I do remember a few years back putting a Spitfire airfix kit together to have the Battle of Britain memorial flight make every wall fitting in my house go wonky! Lo and behold, about an hour ago they flew over again followed shortly by the Vulcan... spooky!

Zabdiel said...

Wow! Running one of those on a model railway would annoy someone ;-)

Jerm said...

The painting is 'Heavy Metal Hero', by Rodney Mathews ( It was used as the cover art for a great game in the early '90s called Transarctica ( re-released as Arctic Baron. It was a strategy game feature gigantic trains criss-crossing a post-nuclear winter world and featured some rather challenging combat between rival war trains.

Xi Lei said...

I guess this is what you get when you create machines out of dinosaurs and metal. It's cool as it is. Like an indestructible means of transportation in a medieval-ish fashion one millenium from now. My imagination is just going wild because of this photo.