Friday, August 10, 2012

Post Office in Hornby Magazine

Normally I'm on top of my deadlines for magazine work but last month things were running late. Worse, the Parker's Guide I'd intended to submit went a bit horribly wrong after about half a days work.

Diving in to the local model shop for an alternative, I picked up the Wills Craftsman kit for a stone Post Office. This wasn't entirely an impulse buy - we'd been considering one of these for the series for some time. Now it was time to get around to it.

What you get in the box isn't so much a kit as a pile of material and some plans. Building it was more involved and even more fun than I anticipated making for a nice piece for the magazine.

Elsewhere I've been reviewing things. Lots of odd-ball tools for a start. You don't get reviews of this sort of thing in other magazines because we go out and find things rather than waiting for them to plop through the letterbox all the time.

You'll also find a few book reviews and my staff project of the EJAY lamp hut. Plenty of variety as usual.

Hornby Magazine Website

Wills Post Office

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