Saturday, September 28, 2013

Daventry's unxepected model shop - CT News

It's amazing where you discover interesting shops. In Daventry I spotted CT News on the main street - it's a newsagents, book shop, hardware shop and surprisingly good model shop.

Inside there is an impressively large range of plastic kits, mainly Revell and Airfix. You can also buy paint and glue. Even a couple of external mix airbrushes were hung on a rack.

OK, it's not competition for the shop in nearby Northampton, but if you don't want to take one of the half-hourly buses in that direction or just need a pot of matt black, then it's the business. Anyway, you can't buy your newspaper as well as a model of HMS Hood in a normal model shop, can you?

Map showing the location of CT News


Anonymous said...

I used to pop in here quite often when my beloved still lived in Daventry; good to see it's still there and selling some model supplies.

The combination of newspapers and model products is unusual, but by no means unique; a mere 5 miles from where I sit typing this is the Model Shop, Woodchurch
Check out those opening times......yep, you can go and buy some quite esoteric French model railway items among other things, from a shop in rural Kent, at 5:30 in the morning!
They have an amazing range of stuff and I regularly find unexpected things.......for example the Sommerfeldt catenary for my tramway layout which I had resigned myself to getting mail order, sight unseen.

I guess the combination of two seemingly quite disparate things works for both these places.....good for us as it means we can still walk in to a shop and buy things, and it's great to just browse and find stuff you never knew existed........
Simon Hargraves.

Jackofallhobbies said...

It is certainly better to come across a shop full of odd and unusual things, or a combination of disparate things than nothing at all.
Where I live there are few model shops, and they seem to be disappearing all the time.
Good find, and keep up the search.