Friday, September 06, 2013

Off to Telford for Guildex

Y7 Shunting

Off to Guildex at Telford this weekend - how exotic is that?

Seriously though, we'll be standing behind Clayhanger Yard for a couple of days and trying not get tempted by any of the lovely kits on sale. Difficult, as there are always some fabulous models that I really, really want to build.

Hopefully I will have packed at least 1 new shunting pole to try out. We're planning to get there early to look at a little electrical issue with one of the points too. It's not big enough (read: I could just ignore it) to bother setting up the layout at home.

Please do come along and say hello and bring us cakes. We're always keen to chat to people, after all, this is a little layout and we need the entertainment. Don't forget to remind me that I don't need to buy any more kits too!

Guildex Website

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