Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stripping car bodies


First job on the O gauge cars - get the paint off them.

The plastic bodied Citroen needs a gentle strip so I used Precision Paints Superstrip. Now, I should have dunked it in the stuff for an hour or so. As it was, I just put it in a shallow bath and brushed the liquid over a few times. This didn't take all the paint off - the silver radiator was pretty resistant but then silver paint always is - but it certainly removed the worst of it. Given enough time, I'm confident that I could return the model to bare plastic, but what I have is near enough.

The diecast model encountered the more serious Nirtromore paint stripper. A good brushing with this quickly removed all the paint and transfers even if the work was a bit smelly. My rubber gloves weren't really thick enough either as the finger and thumb that held the model tingled a bit afterwards.

Next up, some reconstruction. More on that later.

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