Friday, September 20, 2013

The Model Shop, Northampton

The Model Shop NorthamptonA shop that does exactly what it says on the, errrr, sign.

10 minutes stroll from the Northampton town centre, past a Games Workshop, a not-Games Workshop but selling the same stuff and a comic stores that does a lot of miniature figures, is this little gem.

Established in 1937, this shop has a bit of everything. On the door frame there is the legend "Super Model Aircraft Supplies" as this was the main interest of fonder Ted Evans. A consummate aircraft modeller, he was involved in designing and building aircraft from the very earliest days of the hobby.

How do I know this? Simple, for the 75th anniversary of the shop opening, a book was produced and I bought a copy. Look out for a review in a couple of weeks time.

Anyway, the shop is modestly sized but stuffed full of stock. Aircraft, boats, model railways, slot cars and plastic kits. If it's miniature, then this is one of those places that either has it, or can get it. While I was there a customer was being helped with parts for an IC powered radio controlled car.

At the back of the shop in the railway section there is a healthy range of Hornby, Bachmannn and Dapol. Card kits from Metcalf and Superquick hang on the walls alongside Ratio plastic kits. There is even a small stock of Slaters O gauge wagon kits and Dapol 7mm RTR stock. Around the counter are myriad Peco products.

Paints and glues are stocked for everyone and since the shop caters for different disciplines, there's a good range of these to chose from. Lots of wood, plastic (nicely filed ranges of Slaters Plasticard) and metal sections too.

It's the sort of shop that makes visiting Northampton worth the journey!

The Model Shop Northampton

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