Saturday, September 21, 2013

Horse Hearse


Funeral processions are a bit of a cliche on model railways - if you build a church then you, by law, have to fill the front of it with either people getting married, or someone getting planted.

But can you have a funeral without a church?

How about this little scene I spotted walking through town. A traditional horse-drawn hearse being prepared for someones final journey.

Finding a suitable vehicle might be difficult. My first thought was Dart Castings but while they have many similar items in the range, no coffin carriers. Langley Models have come to the rescue with a Victorian Horse Drawn Hearse kit.

To complete the scene about you'll need a horsebox and Oxford Diecast do an Albion that's probably too old for modern image modellers, but would do for the rest of us.

Set it all up around a funeral parlour and you're sorted. So, I want to see not more funerals on layouts now.

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Anonymous said...

Jordan makes a nice horse hearse in HO, might be workable in OO...