Sunday, September 22, 2013

GMC wrecking truck

ArmyWreckingTruckDo you like including slightly random military vehicles on your model railway?

Are you slightly ashamed when people see it and you try to explain why the 8th Army is parked in your model of Homebase?

Worry no longer thanks to the Phil's Workbench prototype for anything research team.

This top truck was spotted from the top of a double decker bus a week ago. It's a GMC originally owned by the US army and not living at a garage in Warwickshire, somewhere near Southam.

I'm sure there is a kit available, Aifix used to do the truck but it seems out of production at present. I bet they aren't only ones and you can probably buy something complete with towing gear.


Jim said...
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Jim said...

Nice photo Phil. I appear to believe that's an M1A1 WARD La France Although being American they were built by various manufacturers so some batches alter slightly with the main differences being the cab and bonnet shape. If you wanted to build a kit of it. A couple of people do one as a resin kit. Wespe Models, Solfig and Fankit all produce kits of this wrecker. Or if you wanted to you could scratch build the body and jib and put it on the back of an Airfix GMC. I believe seeing military models on layouts is great although I feel people just do it to go nostalgic and build Airfix kits from their youth! Also the great thing with having military hardware on your layout is so many vehicles were sold of and converted into civilian use. You have plenty of scope. Rant over and nice photo.

All the best.