Friday, December 20, 2013

Festive trains in Selfridges

Selfridges Train

Christmas is nearly upon us and the big store windows are full of displays. Not all are mannequins with shiny clothes that don't fit real people though, some places have a tradition of entertaining the crowds.

Slefridges in London have gone to town with one window full of a huge gingerbread town. Very nice but the real star is this Mamod steam engine cloaked (quite badly to be honest) with Tate and Lyle branding and some gold paint. Even the track has been sprayed gold but being Mamod metal stuff, this was peeling off already. Someone should explain to the window dressers about primer.

I'm assuming by the way, that in the spirit of the display, the "snow" is sugar, not one of the excellent model alternatives I used in the latest British Railway Modelling.

Moving along a couple of windows, we have a working model too. This time it's a Marklin Gauge 1 German set with hopper wagons filled with a parcel load. Maybe it's something they should consider marketing?

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