Monday, December 16, 2013

Horray for Humbrol!

Humbrol Track ColourA surprise package arrived in the post on Friday. 6 pots of Humbrol 173.

Track Colour

The most useful paint in the railway modellers toolkit is now available again. Personally I'd like to find whoever decided to drop it from the range years ago and drown them in a vat of the stuff but in the spirit of the season, we'll let that go.

There has been one change. I'm sure this used to be No. 170 in the range. Now it's No.173 but no one looks at the top of the tin anyway.

Yes, there have been others - Pheonix Precision paints make an excellent alternative. Railmatch Frame Dirt is also good stuff. Humbrol is more widely available though which has got to be a good thing for railway modellers.

After all, if you leave anything long enough on the real railway, it goes a mucky brown so in theory spraying everything with this stuff is all you need to do.

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Unknown said...

Humbrol 170 brown bess is quit a bit lighter then 173 track color, def not thevsame!