Saturday, December 21, 2013

In front of the camera again.

Deep joy. It seems that I don't just write about layouts but apparently I'm to appear on an iPad near you soon. Sign up for BRM Live and in the January (I think) edition, I'll be talking about Edgeworth, the new GWR layout I've been building for the magazine.

Howard came over to the model railway club to handle filming. I thought it the best location as we have space to move and a background of model railway mags. We spent well over an hour at this but the finished result will be in the region of 5 minutes. 5 top quality and action packed minutes with exciting cutaways showing angles you might not have seen so far. The bit you see above with the overbridge is pretty neat even if I do say so myself...

I'll be honest - I'm not a TV natural. My style is a bit rushed and I usually forget to breath properly for the first few takes. I think Howard has some usable footage "in the can" and once I got into it, things seemed to go OK. Well, as long as I don't have to watch them again anyway.

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