Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Walls up, ready for Santa

Bungalow Walls Up

Old plastic is hard. Really hard. I had to resort to wire cutters to snip the parts away from the sprue before cleaning up the residue with a knife.

The bits fit together well. Mek-pak works very nicely on them. There won't be any gaps as the technique of sloshing some solvent on the joint and then pushing the bits together hard so the molten plastic splurges out of the join very slightly works a treat.

The only complaint so far is the the finished shell is slightly larger than the area bounded by raised lines on the base so you can't use these as a guide when putting the walls together. Normally this isn't an issue but as you can see, the front wall is two parts with a funky angled joint so it would be nice to used the ridges to line things up. Still, not a problem.

Most importantly, the chimney is up and ready for Santa. I 'll leave the capping stone off for the moment in case he has a particularly bulging sack to try and get down there.

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