Saturday, December 07, 2013

Models on the platform for Erlestoke Manor

erlestokeshopAs the Santa special trundled by, I dropped in last weekend to the Erlestoke Manor supporters model shop on Bewdly station at the Severn Valley Railway.

Housed in a coach, there is a fine selection of second hand model railway items on offer. A few new pieces too - mostly Dapol bits, something the next door coach supporting the station also offers.

As befits a preserved line, some railwayana (mostly lamps) is on offer at normal prices. Not giveaway but not stupid either.

The best bit is the book section. Not only is it sizable and reasonably priced, the books on sale aren't just "the usual" suspects that seem to clutter up the same shelves in charity shops and normal used book retailers. I found many volumes that would be in my library if it weren't for a lack of space. I suppose there wasn't anything that jumped out as terribly rare but at least there was variety and it was certainly worth a good look.

If you need magazines, the selection of these is pretty good. No piles of rotting Railway Modellers (OK, some) but prototype stuff and interesting model mags.

For more information, there is a Facebook group.

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