Monday, December 02, 2013

Industrial locomotives

I'm stupid busy with other work this week so blogging will be light I'm afraid. In fact, all I've done is haul out a box of old photos to scan for your entertainment.

Anyway, excuses over, here's photo number one - an 0-4-0 + 0-4-0 diesel shunter in Esso livery.


The second is a fireless loco.


Both came from the section of the drawer marked "Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway". Assuming this is correct, and since there are some Carneforth it might not be, then I'd guess that these are the sort of engines acquired when a preserved railway is new and will take anything.

Time-wise, the photos date from the 1980s and that's as much as I know. Would anyone care to comment to add a bit more information?


James Finister said...

Ex Esso Fawley refinery GE 45 Ton(ne?) shunter.

Appantly now scrapped

Matt Dawson said...

The second loco is still there -

The first looks like a GE 45T, an American type:

Matt Dawson said...

Second post: Found out the history of the 1st diesel:

Paul B. said...

GE 45 tonner, pretty unique in this country, preserved then scrapped. Sometimes the railway 'preservation' movement really get things wrong! See also the Sentinels at Elsecar, one being butchered to make it look 'less like a diesel' whilst another will probably b cut up after providing parts, and several Ruston 48DSs have been scrapped after entering preservation.
Elsecar Sentinel here:

Anonymous said...

Still have a few GE 45-tonners working in Canada and the US. An early version of this loco is working in Hamilton Ontario--

Bachmann US still sells this loco DCC fitted in HO scale, undecorated, or painted in several generic liveries--

Steve Lucas.