Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hornby R196 Bungalow


For the last blog post of 2013, it's nice to be able to report on a completed project.

The Hornby bungalow kit is finally painted and a verdant garden has sprung up around the outside. Most of this is simply Woodland Scenics "Blended Turf" flock powder fixed in place with a smear of PVA glue. The bushey thing in the flower bed is teased out fibrey stuff (the label is missing from the bag) sprinkled with ivy coloured flock and some red stuff.

On the other side of the path, Geoscenics rocks are fixed with UHU and the centre filled with more brightly coloured flock. I've tried to copy the position of the round bed moulded in to the plastic base.

I'm really happy with the finished model. It looks as lovely as I hoped in a kind of 1970s way. Some might wonder why there isn't any smoke weathering around the top of the chimney - I think this is because we don't have a coal fire in there. I think the stack is decorative, or at best a flue for a gas fire. Anyway, I wanted a clean look to the completed building and it's my model so there!

Is it as good as my cornflake packet version built all those years ago?

Yes and no. It's a more realistic model with better detail. My model, which I wish I still owned, took more imagination and ingenuity and probably contributed to me being the modeller I am today. Which in turn, allowed me to build a model like this!

Hornby Bungalow Back

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