Sunday, May 11, 2014

A sunny day on the garden railway

Last weekend, it was nice and sunny so we ran a few trains out in the garden. While doing this, I pointed my compact camera, which still hasn't been right since I dropped it on the cobbles at Scarborough, at them to record the event.

Well, running through the flowers looks pretty. I know it's not hard-core finescale modelling, but it is fun.


Ian C said...

Phil, I love the tramcars running together. Is there a blog entry on these anywhere so I can see how they were made?

Phil Parker said...

Ian - The tramcars are from Bachmann, a Hersheys chocolate special and an open side model with it's motor removed.

Neither have been midified by me - yet. I agree, they look lovely together so I'll do a little work on the trailer car to remove the overhead pole and tidy a couple of things up. Will pst pics when I get around to this.

David Brown said...

Very good, but needs a few more VWs.

Phil Parker said...

David, I hope you're not going to Bug me about that :-)