Friday, May 16, 2014

First sail

First float

Traditionally, model boats first hit the water in what magazine writers like to call, "the domestic test tank", and the rest of us call the bath. You don't really want to do this sort of thing at the side of a lake. Far too many people around and anyway, the bathwater is at a much easier height to work.

Most of the wiring is properly installed now, the only croc clips are between the battery and speed control.

The most important thing at this stage is to get some weight into the hull to bring it down the the waterline. Despite being only a foot long, the tug still required bringing up to 1426g to do this. Most of the weight is at the front but some lead has been added in the middle. All this is held in with epoxy - don't use PVA as it reacts with the metal and swells up.

Sailing tests look very promising. The boat can just about turn around in the bath - 3-point turns are pretty easy. As befits it's role, this should be one maneuverable model. I wonder if we hare having a steering competition at this years open day?

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