Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Who were Model Railway Enterprises?

MRERailsRooting through a box of "stuff" at an exhibition last weekend, I picked up this interesting packet.

The contents are a pair of ready made switchblades for home made pointwork. Each piece is 12cm long, made from phosphor bronze code 75 rail and very neatly tapered at the end.

Price to me - £1

I've never heard of Model Railway Enterprises. Based at 25 Brookhill, Woodstock, Oxford, I assume they have long since passed in to history.

Google Streetview shows the address to be a suburban house but the chances are this was a mail-order only operation. Two telephone numbers (both landlines and with a 4 digit STD code) suggest these are pretty old. I did try and work out when the STD code moved from 4 to 5 digits but got very confused.

The printing was obviously based on a typewritten original which might suggest these are over 30 years old, but then many modellers resisted change and weren't early adopters of desk top publishing so that's no guide.

So, another for the collection of random model railway bits. I'd love to know more, can anyone help?


Tony Cockrell said...

Hi Phil,

Dunno about Model Railway Enterprises but the change of STD codes was in 1995:

Regards, Tony Cockrell

Ian Cooper said...

Can't help with "Model Railway Enterprises", but I believe the "1" was added to all uk STD codes in April 1995.

Tanllan said...

Hi Phil,

Telephone area codes were changed to 5 digits on 16th April 1995. So your packet is at least 19 years old.

Info from

NB I have been following your Bantam Tug thread with interest. There has been one out of the water by the side of the canal near Horton Lock and there was another moored up in Linslade for a couple of weeks but is has now moved on.



Tony Cockrell said...

Aren't we an early-bird bunch!!

Can't help thinking though there's something wrong with the clock - I'm sure I was still in bed at 06.29!!

Tony Cockrell