Monday, May 12, 2014

Bantam Man - Painted

Bantam Man

The little Bantam man is now fully painted and looks fine. There's nothing special about the job - some Lifecolor acrylic skin tones and then the clothes picked out in various shades of Humbrol.

I have experimented with Games Workshop coloured ink washed everywhere to emphasise the folds in the clothes - the jury is out on the results at the moment. I think I need something larger to work on. Next time I have a 7mm scale figure to hand I'll see how I get on.

Talking of small, this little chap is 20mm tall - exactly 5ft in his boots which makes him a bit of a shorta**e but then not everyone can attain a sensible height. Well, they could if they pay attention to the job while growing up but they don't and then they come running as fast as their little legs can carry them to moan that items on high shelves are beyond their reach. I have no sympathy.

The photo illustrates one of the great truths about model railway photography. Stupid electrostatic grass gets everywhere. It shouldn't be stuck to the windows but it is. For print I'd have to take the shot again after brushing it away but you've not paid to be here so I won't bother.

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Odds said...

Phil, he appears to have a gammy right foot!