Thursday, May 15, 2014

Croc-clip wiring

Croc clip wiring

With the motor, propshaft, rudder and steering servo fitted, it's time to wire the Bantam Tug up. I like to start with a rough connecting up session to make sure everything works before I do the job properly.

Wires with crocodile clips on the end join up all the electrical parts. The yellow and green ones here link the speed control (small black box towards the top with a label and lots of wires) to the motor hidden down in the hull.

The receiver (white box, loads of pins) is plugged in to the speed control and also the servo you can't see in the hull.

At the bottom, you see the 6v Gell Cell battery connected in to the speed control.

Despite being horribly untidy, the whole lot worked OK so the next job was to fit it properly.

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