Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Quick coat of primer

Etched hut primed

Since this is an etched kit, before painting it needs a quick spray with Halfords etch primer before painting.

An overall coat of grey shows up the nice, sharp etchings and of course, my superb model building with no blobs of solder showing up anywhere. If you want to learn to solder, this kit has a lot commend it - all the joins are made inside and hidden away. The only exception to this being the lean-to but this could be built separately and glued in place.

Primer on, a coat of Humbrol 121 for the brickwork and some leather/rust streaks on the corrugated iron. I got a bit carried away with this actually...

Etched hut painting start


Andy from Workshopshed said...

What is "etch primer" and what materials do you use it with?

Phil Parker said...

Etch primer is like normal primer except it includes an ingredient (acid?) that eats slightly in to the surface of the metal to bond more securely with it.

I use it on all metals but expecially brass and nickel silver.