Wednesday, May 19, 2010

3F Bulldog in Railway Modeller

More magazine coverage this month - the Bulldog makes an appearance over 4 pages in Railway Modeller. For those who read the blog postings, hopefully this pulls the story together and makes it coherent. If you read my ramblings a few weeks ago, the two make an interesting comparison.

If I'm being picky the photos of brass bits have come out a bit too yellow, possibly even golden. It seems to be a common problem and probably something I need to tweak more before submission. The shots of the finished model look OK though. The magazine has also knocked up a nice drawing of the boiler assembly that's far better than my efforts.

After I submitted the article, the editor came back with a few questions, one of which involved the resistance soldering device I use. At the time I didn't know of such a system available in the UK (mine was bought at least ten years ago from FourTrack Models) but in the news section of the mag, there is a mention of a new device just arrived in the country. The SuperChief 250 will be available from Solder Connection although it isn't on the website yet.

Railway Modeller Magazine

The Bulldog blog postings

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