Thursday, May 13, 2010

Track planning

Planning the layoutThe next step for the layout in a box is to knock up some track. Ideally I want this built off the layout as I have ideas for fitting it that don't involve having anything nailed down too early in the process.

Three sheets of A4 paper were pinched from the printer and stuck together. Then the point templates were shuffled around to work out where the track needs to fork. To help all the Tracksettas that could be mustered were employed.

While it's not essential that the track follows accurate curves, it seemed like a good idea. The less straight track the better as far as I am concerned - on the real thing very little is straight and modellers hould follow suit. The only exception to this is in the engine shed where obviously we don't want to be emerging from the side do we ?

At this point the baseboard is looking very small. I'm sure it was bigger on the plan. Perhaps I have a supersized Airfix engine shed ?

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