Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gauge O wagon and some O14 in Hornby Magazine

June Hornby MagazineA bit of a departure for Hornby Magazine in June - I've built a Slaters kit for a 7mm scale wagon. It makes a change from the 4mm stuff and hopefully shows that the larger scales are accessible to average model makers.

I picked a pretty wagon since that's what will initially tempt people to have a go. You start with something attractive as a little bit of fun and before you know it, you're hooked and spending every penny you earn on O gauge. You have been warned.

Elsewhere, in staff projects, my O14 test track gets an airing along with a much larger than life size photograph. I mentioned a possible Groudle Glen project at the end in the vain hope someone has a Saltford Models "Polar Bear" kit they don't want.

Best of all, there is an index for the last years magazines in the back and I get my very own section ! You have no idea how stupidly pleased I am with this...

Hornby Magazine Website.


Anonymous said...

Hi Phil

Saltford Models produced a 4mm Groudle Glen train kit - a loco and two coaches - but they never produced a 7mm version. I don't recall them ever producing any 7mm kits - 4mm and 16mm only.

There was a small Groudle Glen 7mm layout back in the late 80s early 90s - a request to the 7mm NG Association might provide some references.


David Gander

Phil Parker said...

Happy to be corrected David - and I'd be happy to rake up an offer of the 4mm Groudle set if anyone needs the cupboard space. Due to the tiny size of the stock I can't see anyone motorising it though !

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil

Sorry but mine's not for sale but I'll email you a scan of the instructions so you can see how it is motorised!!


Phil Parker said...

Awwwww. Are you sure ??? :-)
Instructions would be really interesting though. Thanks