Friday, May 07, 2010

Body painted

Varnished railbus bodyThe speed whiskers haven't gone to badly. Pedants will point out they are a bit undernourished but with the rounded ends I don't think they look too bad. A better match for the paint colour of line and whisker would help but I refuse to re-do the former and don't fancy painting over the later. The weathering (yes, this will be dirty) should take the edge off this anyway. I hope.

BR logo from HMRS, numbers from MoPok and data panel from Dapol complete the set. It's a good job I have a big box of spare transfers !

Finally the whole body received a coat of satin varnish. This has unified things a bit from the mix of sating and matt finishes exhibited. The data panel still shines when the light hits it wrong thanks to a big chunk of transfer film but only a modern transfer would be able to avoid this. Mind you I'd probably break it up and spend the rest of my life pushing tiny digits around !

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