Monday, May 10, 2010

Hellingly photo shoot

Photo ShootI spent several hours watching someone else doing some work on Saturday. Specifically, Chris Nevard taking photos of my model of the Hellingly Hospital Railway for a future feature in Model Rail Magazine.

It's great fun seeing how another person views your model. Chris looked at the layout with a view to how it will fit on an A4 page. Assuming all is OK once he gets his roll of film back from Boots or whatever he does in post production, there will be some really interesting images. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the layout in print. Some of the angles aren't available to the viewer seeing us at a show - I don't let you poke your head through any of the holes allowing track into the fiddle yard or get underneath the overhead wires.

The good news was that the lighting built into the baseboard, a single 3 foot long fluorescent tube, was more than adequate for the photos. This just shows how simple illuminating a model railway can be. No need for fancy spotlights, just one fitting screwed to the back of the fascia. It's still the first tube too despite the layout being a decade old. Even if it did give up, a replacement will be easily available from a local DIY store.

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