Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Welshpool model shop

The Old Station

Welshpool doesn’t actually have a model shop as we might normally describe it. What the town does benefit from is a very effective Hornby sales representative.

Inside the old station (separated from the station proper by the bypass) is a room. It’s not a big room and despite some signage, I didn’t find it that easy to locate, but it is a room stuffed full of pretty much all of the Hornby range, Scalextric cars, Airfix kits and Humbrol paints. When I say stuffed, I mean full. The place is a veritable grotto for the modeller who tends toward the RTR end of the market. Mind you, at least you can buy the paint and glue – something that you can’t say for many towns nowadays. For the kids there is even one of those cased model railways that operates when a coin is inserted.

If I were a cynical person I’d think that this is a trap. You see the rest of the building is given over to countryside inspired clothes. The sort of thing that even I’m not unfashionable enough to wear (not quite yet anyway) but a beloved of wives choosing garments for the middle aged gentleman who quite frankly doesn’t care much as long as they are comfortable and don’t have some stupid logo splashed over them. Sir will be sent off to look at the trains/cars/planes and perhaps allow himself a little indulgence. In return madam will be procuring some new items for the wardrobe probably emptying the bank account rather faster then he husband dares. Then they will head upstairs to the very refined cafe with its excellent banoffee pie.

On the other hand, as the place is stuffed with railway memorabilia, at least the bored spouse has something to look at while being dragged around the rails. Perhaps this is something other shops could learn from.

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