Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A fresh pot of flux and some nice shiny etches

Fresh kit and flux

My old pot of Copalux flux has run out. The dregs in the bottom are more detritus than soldering aid. Time to bury it in the bin and break out a new pot.

Opening the lid reveals a fresh opalescent cream. Were the outer printing different, I could imagine it being sold as a repair for the twenty signs of aging (women) or the 5 signs of fatigue (men - although it's the same stuff in the pot). It almost looks good enough to eat.

The compliment the fresh flux, I need a fresh kit and so out of the pile comes a Judith Edge models Class 01 diesel. Bought over a year ago, I had intended to put this model together fast and try to lodge it in a magazine. Another idea that got away from me.

Never mind, the box has now been opened and a start will be made. Those brass etchings look lovely, all the bits are in the box including motor, gears and wheels. Actually, not only are all the bits for this model in the box, so are all the bits for a 4-wheel railcar that I'd completely forgotten about...

For those not familiar with the prototype, the 01 is a short wheelbase 0-4-0 shunter produced by Barclay. I need one to fill in my 01 to 10 set. Once upon a time there was a version built on a Dapol Pug chassis in my collection but it was in the stock box that was stolen. Now, at least, I'll replace it. The original was pretty good (correct wheelbase and size) with a scratchbuilt body that I was pretty proud of at the time.

Wikipedia on the Class 01

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