Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I'm getting the wrong breakfast cereal

Whilst my bowl of Fruit & Fibre or porridge might be good for me, it isn't nurishing my model-making sensibilities.

Over on his blog, Akihiro Morohoshi is showing some pictures of a little plastic kit that reminds me very much of the "good old days" when the box came with both food AND a little plastic kit for a car. Sadly, my non-existant Japanese means I can't be certain that this is what it is, or identify the breakfast food that I need to be shopping for.

So it's over to you dear reader. Can you translate for me ? Where can I go and start my morning with a filling meal and a little model tram car and trailer ?

The original post from Akihiro Morohoshi's blog can be found here.


Anonymous said...

I've translated it for you. You need to be looking for a box of chocolate covered, crunchy fried earwigs. Enjoy.


Phil Parker said...

Mmmmm, ctuchy fried earwig. Yummy !

Matt Dawson said...

Using google translate and a bit of gibberish translation, he said he found it in a flea market and it reminded him of the giveaways from packs of cornflakes.

Gauge is 7mm, apparently.

Phil Parker said...

So I should retitle this "I'm going to the wrong kind of flea markets." then !

Looks brill though (tram pun)