Monday, February 13, 2012

Quick question on badges

Which badge is most embarrasing ?
Trollybus Museum
Bachmann Collectors Club
Star Trek Next Generation insignia/communicator free polls 
I ask, because all three were seen in front of my layout at Doncaster show this weekend. Different people but each within an hour of the others.

My feeling - Star Trek. I mean it's not going to work you know. No matter how many times you hit the thing, you don't get to talk to anyone and if you keep talking to a plastic thing on your lapel, people are going to start edging away from you. At least the wearer wasn't in full Starfleet uniform I suppose.

On the other hand, a collectors club for modern toy trains doesn't seem groovy to me either.

Honourable mention: Red beard with 2 inches of growth below the chin bound with a couple of elastic bands like some sort of hair-based corn dolly. Bet there's a Lord of the Rings 8-disk DVD set at home waiting for another quick viewing.


Colin 't Hart said...

Agree with your take on it, the only one that's not embarrassing is the Trolleybus Museum -- this is preservation of history of a society.

The other two are pointless: it's JUST a hobby, get a life :-)

Paul B. said...

I voted for Bachmann Collectors Club - suggests someone that never opens their blue boxes!
Star Trek - hmmm. Sfi-Fi is just as geeky as toy trains, but then at least our chosen interest has a basis in reality. Sometimes...
The Trolleybus Museum badge could be worn by someone who is involved in preservation - a worthwhile activity.


Christian said...

Sweet Jesus, the guy was actually pressing it and speaking into it? Could it be he had a complex dicta-phone set up?

Phil Parker said...

I didn't see him do so, so I might be being unfair, but it was positioned so he could and definitly as big as the "real" thing so I bet he did.