Saturday, February 11, 2012

A whale of a time in Hornby Magazine

The March issue of Hornby Magazine has a step-by-step build of the Cambrian Whale Wagon kit. It's an impressive model although the build was a bit more involved than I expected. For the very reasonable price, you end up with a serious addition to your fleet. I'd love to see a block train of these things.

Elsewhere, I've a long review of the RT Models chaldron wagon. This is very different from the Whale, it's tiny and yet being whitemetal, just as heavy as the unweighted plastic kit. The prototype is very interesting looking like it belongs in Beamish yet survived in service (admittedly internal service) until the 1970's.

Finally, you see how I solved the problem of a dodgy baseboard edge with a big chimney in staff projects. I can't resist sneaking that 3mm stuff into the magazine !

Whale Wagon

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