Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lots of little people


I have a box of model people. When I need a person, I tip the box out and dig through. Most of the time I find something suitable.

What I don't know, is where all these people come from. There's all sorts in there.

  • The yellow fronted airman - he came from an Airfix Sunderland Flying boat my Dad made me many years ago. The model got battered and was eventually binned but I kept the people. One day I will build the kit again and re-fit them.
  • Some ancient Egyptians were from a random interesting box bought over 20 years ago. They are an odd scale but then since I'm unlikely to build much old Egypt, it probably doesn't matter.
  • There are several packs of Airfix civilians. Some are soft and flashy, others harder and cleaner  from the days when the mould was young.
  • The bowler hatted man is from a Lledo "Day's Gone" vehicle set. When these first came out, they included some very nicely modelled people. Usually the the wrong scale but it didn't matter.
  • A pink guardsman is probably from a Christmas Cracker.
  • There's a Merit cow and the clear, plastic base of a pre-painted figure. I've never bought any of these as they were far to pricey for my pocket money so it much have been in a box of bits.
  • The HO scale population on sprues surely arrived the same way. Some of them really are an odd shape.
  • Some of the better whitemetal people come from Linka. The rather less detailed ones come from road vehicle kits where their deficiencies won't be noticed.  
  • And the Astronaut - pure Airfix bought back in the 1970's when all things space were exciting to a young boy.


neil whitehead said...

They're all dead!! this is where they are living

Phil Parker said...

I love those pictures - but then I want to go and rescue the little people !

tomholio said...

You've got some interesting little folks in there. A bit hard to see who's who in that photo, i'd like to see them sorted out?

Phil Parker said...

No way. It's far too much fun digging in to see what I've got in there. Anyway, you are supposed to play "Where's Wally" with my comments !