Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lego Lorry

Lego 257 Beford Delivery Truck

Actually a HO scale Bedford Delivery lorry dating from 1957. It really is made by the famous brick maker Lego though.

Anyway, many years ago they produced a range of plastic vehicles that could be "driven" into garages of Lego brick built houses. The range included quite a lot of very covatable Volkswagens which fetch premium prices on eBay. Get one with its showroom or garage and it's worth the price of a good RTR model locomotive.

While I can't comment how accurate the mouldings are, the model looks pretty good. If you replaced the wheels with something finer and gave it a coat of paint then you'd have a pretty good model for your layout. Those wheels are metal by the way and surprisingly heavy. This accounts for the excellent rollability of the otherwise lightweight model.

I picked this up because I love Lego. Most of my youth was spent playing with the stuff and I still have a sneaking regard for grown-ups who won't let convention stop them enjoying it.

More on this model here.


Colin 't Hart said...

Same here. And while I would like to "play" with Lego some more, I've decided to channel my resources (time, money) towards my model railroading hobby.

Iain Robinson said...

I must confess that my 18 year old son and I still build Lego models. I find it extremely relaxing...he probably joins in to humour me.