Thursday, March 06, 2014

Cab steps

Fowler StepsWithout the instructions, figuring our the cap steps is a challenge. The prototype photos show them clearly but I could only find the sides and one tread on the etch.

Worse, the tread appeared too wide for the folded up steps.

Never mind, a strip of brass was cut using the Olfa cutter and then trimmed to length with scissors.

Using chip forks and wooden stirrers to hold the bits in place, a few dots of solder fixed everything together.

I like the large glueing area at the top - this makes it far easier to stick them in place. Hopefully that will make fitment reasonably robust, if not, well, hopefully the superglue join will break before the steps bend.


James Finister said...

Since you mentioned an Olfa cutter for cutting strip does that mean you use one of their rotary cutters rather than a knife?

Phil Parker said...

No, this one: