Thursday, March 27, 2014

Screwfix folding sack truck

Sack TruckOne problem with talking a layout (Edgeworth) to exhibitions on my own, is that this can mean carting the baseboards around halls single handed. Ideally I grab someone from the BRM team to give me a hand but as we can all arrive at different times, this isn't always going to be possible.

The boards are liftable by one person and if required I can carry them a short way. Re-starting my gym membership will help too, but really I need a trolley. A sack truck that folds up flat for easy packing in the car would be best.

Looking around I found a couple of options. Robert Dyas on the high street had something but it was only rated to 20kg. I'm not really sure how this compares to the layout, I should have stuck the thing on some bathroom scales, but it didn't sound enough.

Head on down to the world of "Trades" that is the Screfix counter, and you can buy a suspiciously similar looking version rated to 80kg. That ought to be enough. Price £29.99 compared to £19.99 for the lighter model.

In use, you grab the handle and give it a shake to extend. The wheels fold out and foot drops in a same way with a clever geared action.

The foot hooks under the layout and carried it across the floor perfectly. Large wheels allowed me to cross cables and a 1 inch square metal bar that was part of the barriers. So far I'm a happy bunny.

Screwfix Folding Platform Truck


Anonymous said...

Similar problem for me, carting my paintings to various expos but I found a similar one, secondhand at Emmaus for 5€!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi phil, weve been using these sack trucks for ages on the canal for fetching coal, gas bottles etc.
Just be careful going down deep steps or pavements as the wheels have a tendency to snap off! mind you i probably overload them which is why i bought a large industrial one but it dosen't fold up.
cheers dave