Friday, March 14, 2014

Sides on

Sides fittedSimple task next on the Beetle van. Stick all the sides together.

The parts locate well enough. A little plastic solvent run in to the corners and then left alone to dry as a pair of L-shaped parts. Then these are brought together as a box. Finally the floor drops in and is secured with a bit more solvent.

In case anyone is wondering, the A4 in the photo is a cheapo partwork model plonked on the table to attract attention. I know that building wagon kits is exciting but Mr & Mrs Average don't know we're talking about railways unless they see a steam engine.

Mind you, most of the visitors were much more excited about books than trains. I remember how thrilled I was with a trip to the library as a child and it seems that some kids today are just as excited. While they might have been ignoring me, I'll let them off for having a love of books.

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