Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Grab rails and handles

Fowler Body TopChassis assembled, it's back to the body.

Not much to do here for finishing touches. Most of the work was drilling 0.7mm holes to fit grab handles on the bonnet and cab side with superglue. At the front there are 4 handles which I made out of the same wire.

Pedants will probably tell me they should be different thicknesses from each other - I'd reply that the difference in size on the model would be tiny, Anyway, finishing the thing for Clayhanger Yards final show is more important.

The cab front is fitted with a honking great horn as the LMS were different from the Great Western in their realisation that modern motive power shouldn't sound the same as steam engines. I like the look of the trumpet anyway and might have fitted it regardless of the adornment of the prototype.

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