Monday, March 24, 2014


Never let it be said that I hide things when they go wrong. Sometimes bad things happen and there's no point in pretending they don't. Here's a couple of times when they didn't.

First - MiG weathering powders. Open the pot, and about a quids worth of the contents leap out all over my jeans. Trust me, cleaning this stuff up is a nightmare. You have to wash it out of the clothes, the floor, the bottom of your shoes and pretty much everywhere else.
Horrid, horrid stuff.

Second - Electrostatic grass and the lose top on my Flock-it tool. Wave it over the area to be grassed and the whole lot dumps itself on the model. At least some quick work with the vacuum cleaner, holding a handkerchief over the end to save the fibres, sorted this out. 

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