Sunday, March 02, 2014

Will it fit in the car?

Things normal people don't do when they buy a car: Drop the seats down in the back and see if the train set will fit in.

After a recent minor accident, the insurance company decided that our late 90s Berlingo was £200 the wrong side of an economic repair. This was sad news as the 2nd generation Berlingo is a fantastic car, especially for anyone who takes model railways out to exhibitions, owns dogs or has a life beyond sitting in front of a giant TV clutching a can of Special Brew.

A trip to the local dealer found a very nice replacement model in the forecourt. After a test drive and savings depleting session, we own the latest shape of this car and very nice it is too.

One thing I didn't have a guts to ask to do on the test drive, was head over to the place we store the layouts and see if they would fit in the back. The following weekend though, was a different matter.

First, the legs from Edgeworth:

As the layout fits between the goalposts, the layout will fit perfectly well. Next, Clayhanger Yard:

This is the largest layout we own and yet it fits with space to spare. New Berlingo is wider at the back, the wheel arches don't impinge on the load area and the floor is lower.
It gets better though. Now I've read a bit of manual, I find the rear seats can be removed leaving a cavernous space bit enough to hold my 206. There's a secondary rear view mirror too so you can keep an eye on the load in the back (or children if you must let them in the car, although why you would since it doesn't them good to walk and I never got to ride in the car when I was a child etc. etc.).
Incidentally, if anyone from Citroen is reading, I would be happy to promote the car if you give me a new one. People from Ferrari - don't bother, I'll never get a train set in one of those. Although for a free one, I'd build something that would fit...


Anonymous said...

When some FREEMO enthusiasts came to exhibit recently, their model just fitted in a large transit van, complete with personalised numberplates...

Anonymous said...

At least i measured my new to me car last week ,The acid test will be this Friday when the Club layout has to be fitted

Frank Collins said...

"Happy new car" Phil.
Ordered our new one of these in January for delivery in March, so it was interesting to see your comments about the space.
I own a Renault Grand Scenic at the moment and whilst my layouts fit OK there's not much room for luggage for an overnight stay.
Hopefully the Berlingo will solve that problem.

Michael Campbell said...

When we got my current car we took the baby buggy along to check it fitted the boot, at the time that was more important!