Monday, May 25, 2015

3D printed "little" Phil

Lat week, I visited the London 3D print show. Waiting around for my colleagues to join me, I filmed a printer producing little head and shoulder models of visitors. While doing this, I was leapt on by one of the stand staff and offered the chance to be immortalised in PLA.

How could I resist?

Making little phil

To support the chin and front of head, sacrificial supports are printed into the model. These can be trimmed off with sharp knife, revealing the finished article:

Little Phil

Not too bad a likeness, at least as good as you get in 3cm tall plastic models! Printing time was 40 minutes on an Ultimaker printer.

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Mark said...

Fun but I think you'll be much more interested in Modelu (I've no connection just intrigued by the idea of appearing on my own layout).