Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hopefully, THIS video works

Apparently yesterday's video showing 3D printing didn't work for some people. Sorry about that.

The problem was that I had put the film on Flickr, and they recently "upgraded" their service so that it doesn't work in Internet Explorer 9 - the web browser I use and can't upgrade until I get to a version of Windows beyond Vista.

Since I have a Windows 8 laptop, and consider this operating system to be the greatest advert in favour of software piracy (they are stealing mine and lots of peoples time with this stupid, unusable software, we should be able to raid Microsoft's HQ and steal all their stationery for a start), I'm waiting for Windows 10.

The workaround is to use Firefox as my browser, but even here, Flickr's "improvements" get in the way and you can't easily share video, at least not without it breaking it seems.

Uploaded to YouTube, the video now works (I hope) and you can enjoy it above. Of course, this also required Firefox (Or Google Chrome, which is also evil) so that's taken me rather longer than it should.

And people say building kits is hard work...

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