Friday, May 01, 2015

Industrial awning


Here's a rather nice industrial detail spotted in Banbury a few days ago. While sensible people take photos of picturesque buildings, I'm attracted by the ugly bits stuck on the side of buildings.

Anyway, this can be seen walking from the station in to town. Crossing a scruffy river, there is a very square brick building on to which someone has added this awning. (I'd add a Google Streetview link for you but it's been "upgraded" so this isn't possible any more.)

I'm interested to know why it has cross braces against the wall - surely it would have made more sense to bolt the steels to the bricks?

The windows are nice. Those concrete surrounds are very model-able and far easier than brick lintels.The drainpipe sends water straight in to the river, certainly easier than plumbing it in to the drains.

I might be building some industrial stuff soon. This looks like a contender for added interest.


Ian C said...

very interesting picture and cross bracing. I wonder if (a) the awning was secondhand and the way the roof is fixed didnt allow the uprights to be attached to the wall or (b) whether the awning was there originally and the building was added on!

Paul B. said...

Maybe the brick wall wasn't strong enough to support the extra weight of the awning, especially as there are windows in the wall as well. Industrial units (I've worked in a few) seem to be quite lightly built in copmarison to our homes.