Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Trix electric motor

Trix electric motor

That's a Meccano motor everyone said.

And it turns out we were all wrong. It's actually from a Moto Trix construction set. Looks a bit like Meccano but the holes are spaced differently so the two aren't compatible. You can read more about these sets over on the Brigton Toy and Model Museum website.

I like this because it's pure motor. Nothing is hidden away inside a casing. Back in 1936 when the motor was introduced, electricity was still a bit of a novelty to many people so for the curious child, being able to see how this magic thing worked must have been fascinating.

Best of all, my motor still operates. Given an dose of 9V from a PP3 battery, it whirs away quite happily.

Trix Motor


Anonymous said...

Love it, love it love it!

Litehiker said...

I’ve still got my Moto Trix construction set from years ago. The motor still works. I just have to decide which grandson should have it!

Unknown said...

at 10 years old my mother said what do you want for Christmas David ? I said I'd like a TRIX set please! whe6

Unknown said...

At 10 years or so old, my mother said "what would you like for Christmas David ?" I said I'd like a TRIX set please ! I had no idea where I'd heard about this but they provided one and I spent HOURS playing. building. As a result I've spent my life as an engineer ! At 78 years old now, I have fond memories of my TRIX set !