Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Return of the Bantam

It's probably sacrilege to say so, but sometimes I get few up with model railways. With a load of projects for work on the go, I need a break. I also want to tick of a personal project that is staring at me. So, it's time to return to the Bantam Tugboat.

Bantam Tug

To recap, years ago I spotted a fantastic looking boat at the London Canal Museum. Knowing nothing other than I wanted to build a model, the idea lay dormant for some time until the purchase of a Mastman kit gave me a usable hull.

The rest of the kit didn't look so promising so I started scratchbuilding a superstructure. Work progressed to the stage where I had something on the water. Then life got in the way and it's lain untouched for around a year.

First time on the water

Well, the sunny days are back and I want to sail a colourful boat. A recent project reminded me how much I enjoy noodling around with plasticard and the tug IS small enough to fit on the workbench very comfortably, so perhaps I can get a bit closer to the finishing line this time.

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