Friday, May 08, 2015

Mystery Tool 4

Mystery Tool

At last, a tool that I think I know the purpose of. Not at first admittedly, but once I dug through all the miscellaneous paperwork (old magazine articles, newspaper cuttings, random plans, postcards) that came with the tools, I reckon I've worked it out.

It's a carriage end painting support.

Place your carriage in vertically and then the end will be perfectly placed for lettering an lining (were carriage ends lined?). John built a lot of Midland coaches and judging by the number of cast parts in the collection, envisaged making an awful lot more.

The support is simple, but very well made. I think this one can go and live with the club airbrush and booth for anyone contemplating a bit of coachwork.

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Anonymous said...

My first thought (It's the poster paint stain) was that it was a self-build primary school toilet seat... just add bucket.
I'll go now.