Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Grand Palance Models - Brussels

Grand Palance Models

Of course I typed "Brussels Model Shops" into Google when I planned to visit. Sadly, the only one within striking distance in the time available was Grand Palace Models, but I couldn't resist a visit. 

Grand Palace are a high-end diecast models emporium with many superb vehicles in a huge variety of scales on offer. It might not be my sort of thing, but the range is impressive and it's all very well displayed. Prices don't seem particually outrageous either. Considering the pricey central location and quality shop, this is a bit of a surprise. 

Was there anything that tempted me? Of course. I'd love a 1/32nd (I think) Super Bugger Camper model, but even if I could have justified the price, I'd still have to lug the box back on the Eurostar and then work out what to do with it later. I'm just astounded the model exists at all. 

As it was, I satisfied myself with a bit of window shopping. If you are in the area though, it's well worth a look. 

Visit the Grand Palace Models website.


James Finister said...

I used to walk past there on my way back from work.

Did you get to ?

Phil Parker said...

I think I saw it, but didn't go it - skipped the Smurf museum too - maybe next time. There's also a Tin Tin artwork in the Relay newsagents. Rather nice large scale car on the front, but I decided that 40 Eros was more then I wanted to splurge.

Luke Stevens said...

There used to be a reasonable model shop in the same street but it must have been gone a decade by now :( The souvenir shop at the Tram museum is really got for books and the sort of random stuff we all seem to collect. The best current Belgian model shop is Hobby2000 in Liege: old style glass cabinets, piles of interesting stuff in boxes on the floor. Don't let the dreadful website put you off. Luke

James Finister said...

And how could I forget one of my favourite bars in Brussels? I did love the food and drink. Ia tea lot of steak and frites

Luke Stevens said...

And for the best Moules in Brussels...