Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Warehouse Wednesday: Random Ramsgate Building

Strolling around the back streets of Ramsgate, I spotted this building and took a photo. 

This was months ago, and I now have no idea where it is, or even what it is. But I still think it's a really interesting shot and a fascinating building. Presumably an old factory or workshop. It must have been quite something when new - there's a lot of interesting architecural detail. We don't make buildings with this much effort very often nowadays.


Mark said...

What did you use to take the photo? You might find that the EXIF metadata on the original image has GPS co-ordinates in it. Google unfortunately strips the EXIF data when you upload it so I can't check, but if you used your phone, or a modern camera with GPS functionality then it's likely to be there and that would let you pin-point where you took it.

Phil Parker said...

Sadly not. My ancient Lumix pre-dates all that stuff.

I suspect I could re-create the walk using Streetview, but that will have to wait for a the passing of a few deadlines.

Jamie Warne said...

You got my interest, so I went for a virtual walk and did some research!
It's next to the Ramsgate Library on Effingham St. (Nos. 42-44):

The 2009 Streetview image lets you see a little inside. However, I've found a planning application which lists former uses of the building:

This planning application has a basic drawing of the frontage:

There may be more documents on the planning website, but I ought to get back to work!

Phil Parker said...

Thanks Jamie - you are spending FAR too much time lurking around the streets of Ramsgate!

Jamie Warne said...

It didn't take too long to find compared to what I expected - but either way, I enjoyed my little jaunt; especially the old fire station just down the road!

Phil Parker said...

The fire station is in the same folder. I almost did this instead!