Friday, June 17, 2022

Warehouses, telephone boxes, dirty buses and lots of photos in BRM

It's a busy month for me in BRM July 2022.

Shunting yard

Starting on the workbench, we have part two of the layout in a box refurbishment. This time I'm working on the buildings and developed a technique to turn laser-cut MDF into realistic, weathered red brick, using very basic materials. 

Telephone kiosks

Then, I provide a guide to street furniture and its modelling possibilities. Basically, this was an excuse to go and look at telephone boxes at Avoncroft Building Museum, but I have covered other stuff too. I know a lot more about post boxes than I used to, for a start!

The big news is, for the first time, I'm responsible for all the layout photography in an issue. 


Kannotburn is a stunning 4mm scale layout set in Scotland. It wasn't on my list to shoot when I visited the show, but as soon as I spotted it, I knew I had to strong-arm the owners to let me point my camera in its direction. 


Wimborne is also 4mm scale, and one of the largest I've shot to date. This proved to be more of a challenge for me, I'm happier with tiny layouts, but the results look great. As a bonus, subscribers get a video interview with the owner and lots of train movement. 

Peasevern Yard

Finally, we jump to 7mm scale and Peasevern Yard. It might be small for an O gauge layout, but it certainly doesn't lack interest. 

I should thank Andy York at this point. Mainly for post-processing all the images - it looks better if all the photos are handled by the same person so we get some consistancy - but mostly for being poorly so I got to take the photos. Hard work at the time, but seeing the results on the page is very special. 

Oh, and on BRMTV, I'm making a mess of a Brummie Bus. 

Brummie bus on a bridge

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